How to clean a diecast model – part three If you’re living with pets, you’ve probably notices how much dirtier your models get. In our example this lovely Kyosho Audi R8 got a free bath from a big wet dog. The result is enough to hurt the heart of everyRead More →

You can properly and thoroughly clean a diecast in less than 5 minutes. An extensive cleaning will be sufficient for a couple of months during which a simple dusting will be more than enough. Then you do another thorough clean and you’re good to go again. Here we’ll cover theRead More →

Dust is the ultimate enemy of every diecast. Cleaning could be a chore and could lead to unwanted damages if done unproperly. Happily there are a few ways you can turn cleaning into a pleasureable activity. First don’t think of it as cleaning. Think of it as spending some qualityRead More →

Part one The Bburago Ferrari 250 LM is one of the classics in 1:24th scale. The model is a wanted favorite of many collectors and with good reason. It shows that this scale can “carry” details and still be much, much cheaper than 1:18s. But before we get into theRead More →

You’ve probably heard it before but is it true? Can stuffed animals cure depression? They can certainly help with the process of curing. That’s what noted specialists in psychology have discovered. So how do stuffed animals cure depression? It has to do with similar connotations with real pets. We allRead More →