We are expanding to more than just stuffed animals, at least for the video reviews. This is the LEGO Pirates Enchanted Island set number 6278 from 1994. This is not the re-released version in 2001 which has the number 6292-1. Still, both are virtually identical. Take a tour on theRead More →

Actual work – part two By now you should have a bare metal cast and a bunch of scattered parts. Now the actual work can finally begin. Use the paint stripper in accordance to its directions to strip the paint of the model. If the new color you will beRead More →

This is a big year for LEGO. The famous toy bricks just celebrated their own anniversary. Now the popular minifigures also have a celebration of their own. The LEGO Minifigures turned 40 years old. They were introduced in the end of August 1978. If you want to learn more checkRead More →

The new collection will draw inspiration from both the Harry Potter books and movies. For lovers LEGO and collectors we have good news. If you want to learn more please visit StuffedPartyRead More →