How to clean a diecast model – part three If you’re living with pets, you’ve probably notices how much dirtier your models get. In our example this lovely Kyosho Audi R8 got a free bath from a big wet dog. The result is enough to hurt the heart of everyRead More →

You can properly and thoroughly clean a diecast in less than 5 minutes. An extensive cleaning will be sufficient for a couple of months during which a simple dusting will be more than enough. Then you do another thorough clean and you’re good to go again. Here we’ll cover theRead More →

Dust is the ultimate enemy of every diecast. Cleaning could be a chore and could lead to unwanted damages if done unproperly. Happily there are a few ways you can turn cleaning into a pleasureable activity. First don’t think of it as cleaning. Think of it as spending some qualityRead More →