The diecast manufacturers are the ones we owe the pleasure of having our great hobby. In this section of the site we are going to check out brief histories of the companies. The diecast hobby first steps are in the early 20th century. The first models are very basic. ThereRead More →

CMC or Classic Model Cars GmbH is one of the top diecast manufacturing companies. It focuses mainly on classic automobile replicas and almost all of them are of the highest quality possible. The company is founded in the mid 1990s in Germany with its first factory being built in 1998Read More →

Bburago is one of the most loved diecast manufacturers. Many collectors have grown up with the models of the company, myself included. The company was founded in 1974 as Martoys by three brothers: Mario, Ugo and Martino Besana. Martoys was doing well and was growing fast. Two years later, inRead More →

AUTOart is one of the most famous companies in the diecast hobby. It’s often the topic of a lot of arguments between collectors. The reasons for that could fill an entire book and so we will not get into them too deep. In short, many collectors feel AUTOart’s prices, qualityRead More →