Nostalgia toys are enjoying new life

In the day of new technologies and interactive innovations, you might expect toys to be quite different than before. Yet, older toys seem better.
It’s not that new toys are bad. It’s just that somehow older toys seem a bit more fun. It’s a case of nostalgia, but it works for companies.

The day when stuffed animals become alive

“In particular, going back to the very idealised associations of your childhood,” says Ogilvy’s Chief Strategy Officer for Asia Benoit Weisse to the BBC. “The moment you pick it up, it comes loaded with all this richness and association and this feel-good factor,” Mr Weisser says of an example of playing a Nintendo Gameboy or Transformer toys.

Are toys too safe these days or were they too dangerous?

This is why older concepts are popular even today. Now the Tamagotchi is back along with other classic toys. Simple stuffed animals continue to be a staple in the toy market, too.

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