1:43 scale – Popular for a Reason – part two

In general the upsides of 1:43 are more than the downsides. There is one thing that was a deal breaker for me though. The cars in the scale are too small in for the manufacturers to include lots of the features 1:18 models have. I like details and features and they are a rare thing in the 1:43 world.

That being said I do own a few models of that scale too. The first model I actually got was a 1:43 Bburago a while back. About a decade later I got into 1:24 and later to 1:18 where I stayed for the most part.

I know 1:43 first hand and am always interested in the new and interesting stuff in the scale. Sadly I don’t have much to show in this section of the site so I’m hoping for your help. You can send us a few pictures (or even full reviews) of your favorite 1:43s. We’ll happily share them with the rest of the collectors.

1:43 scale – Popular for a Reason – part one