1:43 scale – Popular for a Reason

The 1:43 scale is widely regarded as the true collectors’ scale. And in many ways it is.

The two biggest upsides of the scale are the size and choice. You can have hundreds of models fitted in a cabinet that would normally house a couple of dozen 1:18s. And there is a 1:43 of virtually every car you can think of and of many that will never exist in the real world.

That being said, don’t think that collecting 1:43s is cheaper than 1:18th scale. Some models are more expensive than their counterparts from the bigger scale. Most are cheaper but because of that you will be buying more of them and more often. So it will work out the same in the long run.

The small size of the cars in the scale is making them suitable for diorama projects. That’s definitely an option you should consider. It could open a whole other world for you and your hobby. A word of caution though: while immensely fun, dioramas can get quite expensive and absorb our space quicker than a Veyron gets to 60 MPH.

But lets get back to the main topic. Generally a model in the scale is between 8-12 cm long depending on the actual car it represents. Almost all companies ship their 1:43 models in small display cases which is almost exclusive to the scale. You can find models in other scales that are shipped with a display case but they are almost always exclusive releases or special editions. In 1:43 it’s included every time.

That makes storing and displaying the models even more easier, although it could produce a cluttered look. Of course you can always remove the cars from the cases and display them free in a cabinet.

We hope you had as much fun as we did. Part two is here.