How to repaint a diecast model 2

Actual work – part two

How to repaint a diecast model
How to repaint a diecast model

By now you should have a bare metal cast and a bunch of scattered parts. Now the actual work can finally begin. Use the paint stripper in accordance to its directions to strip the paint of the model. If the new color you will be putting on the car is of a similar shade, then you might be able to skip this step. Instead wet sand the model until you remove the clear coat and a layer or two of the actual paint.

It’s best to place the model on a small stand that it’s either accessible from all sides or rotates. Place old newspapers a few feet around the paint area to avoid having to clean up afterwards. It’s highly recommended to be in a room with the least amount of dust possible.
When painting it is best to first spray the underside of the model. Some people paint the hood, doors and trunk lid separated from the body other fit them back. In general it’s best to fit them at least when it is time for the clear coat.

How to repaint a diecast model
How to repaint a diecast model

Now it’s time to begin with the paint process. If you have removed the entire paint, first spray a thin layer of primer. Wait for it to dry (time depends on the primer) and then spray another thin coat. If you haven’t removed the entire paint, skip this step.

Important – if you are using a paint stripper and the car has plastic parts that also need to be repainted, do NOT treat them with the stripper as you will damage them. Instead wet sand the plastic parts.

After the primer dries, wet sand the car with the wet sandpaper starting from 600 and moving up. Inspect the result and if needed add another thin coat of primer and then sand again. When you’re done, wash and degrease the model and wait for it to dry.

Now take the spray can and lay a thin layer of paint. Start pressing the button of the can a few inches away so to avoid having thick blobs of the first paint to drop on the car. Then move the spray (while still keeping it pressed) onto the model and lay the first coat.

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