How to clean a diecast model

How to clean a diecast model
How to clean a diecast model

You can properly and thoroughly clean a diecast in less than 5 minutes. An extensive cleaning will be sufficient for a couple of months during which a simple dusting will be more than enough. Then you do another thorough clean and you’re good to go again.

Here we’ll cover the extensive method in a relatively short span. For our purposes we will be using only three items:

– a fluffy cloth
– a cloth for cleaning glasses
– a brush

First off start with the fluffy cloth. Forgive that it’s not very clean but after cleaning models countless of times it has gotten to it. It’s still very effective though so it’s well worth the few bucks on it.

Just gently slide it on the model. You don’t need to press at all. All the fluff it’s doing its job getting to all the nooks and crannies of the model. On the next picture you can see the effect.

Now the cloth won’t remove the dust from the entire model of course. That’s where our other two tools come in. You could use the brush like that:

Or, you could use the cloth for glasses which we recommend. It’s so thin and yet effective even the tightest of spaces are no match for it:

Not surprisingly the cloth for glasses is ideal for cleaning the windows of the model. And, as a matter of fact, fingerprints from the entire model. Here we clean a greasy, nasty fingerprint on the windshield in a couple of seconds.

First exhale some air on the windshield just as you would do if you’re cleaning your glasses. Now gently rub the plastic with the cloth. Done. A great, clean windshield with no fingerprints whatsoever.

But, as you’ve maybe noticed, the dash is very dusty. We’ll take care of that too.

How to clean a diecast model
How to clean a diecast model

Open the doors of the model and just pack the cloth in. Be gentle though. You don’t want to snap the rearview mirror off.

Slowly move the cloth to pick up as much dust as possible. You could clean the windshield from the inner side while you’re at it. You’d be surprised by how dirty it is even though it doesn’t seem like it.

If you’ve removed all the dust from the dash, great. But, as you can see, the AutoART Bugatti Veyron’s tight spaces left some dust. We will get to them with the brush. If you have a smaller brush than our example here it’ll be even easier for you.

Right, that’s done. Now blow some air with your mouth through the interior and voila. A perfect clean dash.

How to clean a diecast model
How to clean a diecast model

You can use the same principle for the rest of the interior to clean it. And the engine bay for that matter.

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