Here are the most dangerous toys this summer

Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Animals

Each summer more than 2.5 million kids are injured in accidents in the US alone. Often the incidents involve toys. Here are the most dangerous toys this summer, as chosen by World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.).
This organization keeps an eye out against dangerous toys. It often has such lists to draw attention to the dangerous toys, CBS Pittsburgh and KDKA reported.

Siff and Swartz said the combination of warm weather and school vacation is an opportunity for children to enjoy the outdoors, but can also be a time for injuries. Summer months account for nearly half of all injury-related deaths to children.
The list features 10 toys and activities with which to be careful this summer.

The most dangerous toys this summer: For more info check it out: StuffedParty
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