How to make the best of a road trip with stuffed animals

Stuffed Animals

Road trips can be quite challenging for parents with small kids. A little extra preparation and stuffed animals can help you make the best of it.
There are a few simple tips you can use when preparing for a road trip and during one. Pamela Hayford is a mother of two and editor of Southwest Florida Parent & Child magazine and reveals these tips.

For a start, involve the kids in the process. Include them in the decision of choosing the place to travel to. Or at the least make them feel part of the process. And when the destination is pre-set, for example, a visit to relatives, then include the kids into the actual process of the trip planning.
This way they are likely to be move interested in engaged in the whole process. Also allow them to pick, or at least to help you pick rest stops and so on.
Time for a road trip!

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