How to Fix a Damaged Diecast Model Part two

Severe Damage

Now it is time for the difficult overhauls. If the damage is to a plastic piece, say snapped or bent, sadly there’s not much you can do. You can glue it back together but you’ll most likely have to repaint it to hide the fixed spot.

If a window is cracked your only option is to replace it. It doesn’t have to be with an original part though. You can cut the shape from Plexiglas or other transparent plastic. Then fit into place and voila.

The said Ferrari Daytona had other issues though. The roof was bent downwards and sideways and the right A-pillar had snapped. Amazingly the paint wasn’t damaged at all. So all I had to do is reshape the roof. Easy, right?

It is easy, but you must be very patient. First you have to disassemble the model entirely. All bits and pieces must be removed and the diecast body to be bare.

Then you take a chisel (not a sharp one, but something thick and heavy) and a hammer. Then hammer the bent piece from the back side. One hit at a time. Hit, then check and repeat until you’re satisfied with the result. Be careful and patient to not overdo it or to crack it.

Now to fix the snapped pillar. For the said case I used epoxy glue, something we use to call “cold welding” over here. I put some of it on both sides and then put some weights on the roof to keep it in place. I smeared some extra epoxy on the inside to give it extra strength and waited 24 hours. It turned out just as strong as it was new. But I did have to repaint the fixed bit.

If you can’t get the bent piece back to the original shape you will have to use some filler to reform the shape. Before you begin, you will have to completely strip the paint. Then mix the filler and apply it. Shape with sand paper (start with a bigger grit and slowly work your way up to the finer ones). Afterwards it may be necessary to apply some more filler and sand again until you’re happy. Then apply primer and then spray paint the piece.

With the same technique you can fix other issues with models. For instance once I drilled through the roof of a diecast by mistake. I put some filler, sanded it and now it is like new.

Sometimes the damaged bit will be something with the suspension. As it is usually made from very thin plastic bits it is easy do damage it. Sadly gluing it back in place won’t do in most cases as the bit has to move or bend for the suspension or steering to work. So you will have to make the piece from scratch. In this case the plastic grids from plastic model kits will be very useful. Another idea is styrene.

Of course there are lots of other ways to fix a damaged diecast model. As with any real car, any model is prone to various types of damages so there are lots of possibilities and issues. If you have other solutions you can share them with everyone via the form below. Or if you have a question about a damaged diecast model, feel free to get in touch with us with your question and we will see what we can do to help.

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