Let’s take a look at the interior of the C-Metisse.   Norev have tried their best here. The model has all of the prominent features of the real car. The amazing center console with separate “floating” pieces, the futuristic seats, the original head rest of the driver’s seat and more.Read More →

Part one. The Citroen C-Metisse is a concept car introduced at the Paris Motorshow in 2006. It set the new trend in the concept car genre. It’s striking looks on the outside were accompanied with an equally astonishing interior. In the mechanical section the attention was grabbed by a hybridRead More →

Stuffed animals on vacation gallery Toucan Recently we took some of our stuffed animals on vacation to the seaside. They loved it. Turns out stuffies love to travel and explore. So we did just that. Even more surprising, they weren’t scared of going out and posing for a few photos.Read More →